Pencil Sharpener Blade Cutter Assembling Machine

Pencil Sharpener Blade Cutter Assembling Machine

Automatic pencil sharpener assembly machine 1. Features: 1. High quality, high efficiency, high performance 2. The machine cans automatically feeding, sending screws, sending the blade and assembly 3. It has considerable price advantage than the functionally equivalent machine in marketing. 4....

Product Details

Sharpener assembling machine

Pencil Sharpener assembling machine

Assembling machine

Pencil Sharpener blade assembling machine


1. Features:

1. High quality, high efficiency, high performance

2. The machine cans automatically feeding, sending screws, sending the blade and assembly

3. It has considerable price advantage than the functionally equivalent machine in marketing.

4. Easy to operate, one worker can control and operating 5 sets.


2. Technical Parameters:

1. Dimensions: 1200 * 800 * 600mm

2. Voltage: 220/380V 50HZ 1200W

3. Air pressure :5-6kg / cm2

4. Capacity :40-50pcs / min (depending on screw length)

5. Weight: 400kgs


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