Broom Handle Cap Ssembly Machine

Broom Handle Cap Ssembly Machine

Automatic assembly machine for broom handle cap broom handle cap assembly machine

Product Details

Automatic assembly machine for broom handle


 Application industry: This kind of machine is widely used in plastic parts assembly processing production industry.

1.     Description

1, instead of manual assembly. With the function of automatic feed, put and assembly the two parts together, improve the production efficiency!

2, automatic detection, can automatically detect whether the material is in place, can be determined to monitor the operation of the angle and abnormal condition of the detection of the completion of a one-time assembly, material start, no material when the stop alarm.

3, the use of PLC touch screen, intuitive interface, simple operation, Security!

4, production set, automatic counting, can be 24 hours of continuous work.

5, humanized design, automatic counting.

6, failure automatic shutdown alarm, and display error message.


2. technical parameters

Efficiency: 1800pcs/H

Power supply: AC220V single-phase 50-60HZ

Source: 0.6Mpa

Machine: 1600*1000*1700mm (length x width x height)

Discharge: the robot unloading

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