Automatic Electric Plug Socket Assembly Machine

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Product Details

Automatic electric plug switchadaptors assembly machine

Electric socket automatic assembly machine, jack-plug connector plug assembly machine  


Ⅰ. Features:

1, The machine was customized for assembly the electric plug, also accept the customized order of assembly machine for socket, switch and so on. The machine by vibration disk automatic feeding, hardware and clip automatic assembly and automatic unloading.

2, automatic detection, can automatically detect whether the material is in place, can determine the monitoring operation of the angle and abnormal state of the detection to complete a one-time assembly, material start, no material when the shutdown alarm.

3, the use of PLC touch screen, intuitive interface, simple operation, safety!

4, production settings, automatic counting, can be 24 hours continuous work.

5, humanized design, automatic counting.

6, the failure of automatic shutdown alarm, and display error information.


Ⅱ. Technical Parameters:
1. Dimensions: L * W * H: 1650 * 1450 * 1550mm
2. Voltage: 220/380V 50HZ 0.8KW

3. Air pressure :5-6kg / cm2
4. Capacity : 30pcs / min

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