Vibration Disk Classification

- Mar 28, 2018-

The composition of the vibration plate: hopper, chassis, controller, linear feeder.

Vibrating plate hopper classification: Vibrating plate hopper is divided into cylindrical hopper, spiral, line hopper, cone hopper, halve hopper.

Vibrating plate chassis classification: chassis is pulled chassis, side pull chassis, piezoelectric chassis, precision chassis four.

Vibration disk controller classification: controller is divided into ordinary controller, split-polar controller, FM controller, with slow-start controller, digital display FM controller five.

Linear Feeder: A linear feeder is a vibration source that transports the aligned products in a linear motion.

Vibration platform: The vibration platform is generally divided into an electromagnetic vibration platform and a motor-type vibration platform, which mainly performs vertical vibration or horizontal vibration. The motor-type vibration platform can also realize asynchronous three-dimensional vibration. It is mainly used for vibrating particles or powdery materials or vibrating small workpieces whose direction can be distinguished by free fall into the assembly position for the next round of processing.