Vibrating Plate

- Mar 28, 2018-

Vibrating plate is an auxiliary device of automatic assembly machinery. It can discharge all kinds of products in order. It can be used together with automatic assembly equipment to assemble all parts of the product into a complete product.

The vibrating plate is powered by a vibrating motor. When the vibrating motor is working, it generates a directional frequency force. As long as the vibrating plate is considered as a kind of inclined surface, and then the physical analysis of the chamfer is performed, you can easily understand him. How it works.

In the working state of the electromagnetic coil of the vibrating plate, the inclined surface is affected by the tiny up and down amplitude of the electromagnetic suction, and the working frequency and the gap of the vibrating plate can be adjusted to achieve smooth operation. Vibrating electromagnet principle: The electromagnet is used to generate the alternating magnetic field. The vibration part is a piece of iron suspended in front of the electromagnet. When the signal passes through the electromagnet, the magnetic field of the electromagnet changes, and the iron piece vibrates and sounds.