Automatic Locking Screw Machine Working Principle

- Mar 28, 2018-

The automatic locking screw machine includes a screw automatic alignment unit, an automatic screw feeding unit and an automatic screw tightening unit, and a detection unit in the locking process.

Screw automatic alignment unit is mainly to order bulk screws and output individually. The entire column unit can be realized by a vibrating disk sorting mechanism or can be achieved by a rocker arm screwing mechanism.

The automatic screw feeding unit mainly feeds the entire row of good screws to the working head of the screw tightening unit.

The screw automatic tightening unit includes a rotary power portion and a screw introduction portion. The introduction method of the screw is usually blow type and adsorption type. In general, because the air blowing type is continuous, it does not require the head to move back and forth. Therefore, the overall efficiency is better than the adsorption type. However, the air-blowing type itself receives the limitation of screw shape and length-diameter ratio. Not every type of screw is suitable for air-blowing type.