Automatic Assembly Machine Instead Of Manpower

- Jun 18, 2019-

We are the automation equipment manufactures of design,development,production,sales and service.Companies is the machinery instead of manpower deveopment,technology as the guide to the quality of life,customer-certric,as the cornerstone of staff aim to provide customers with high quality,high efficiency mechanical equipment.

Existing mature machines are as follows:automatic screwdriver machine(screw insertion machine),automatic cloth peg assembly machine(cloths pin assembly machine),electric clamp assembly machine,pencil sharperner assembly machine,solid glue tube assembly machine,cable clip assembly machine,automatic cap assembly machine,automatic riveting machine,automatic tapping machine etc.,While according to customer requirements,design and development of non-standard automation equipment.Widely used in electronics,electrical appliances,metal,plastic,stationery,toys,medical,food and other industries.