Customized Assembly and Crimping Machine

Customized Assembly and crimping machine Video links I. technical parameters Efficiency: 1500pcs/H Power supply: AC220V,50-60HZ Air Supply: 0.6Mpa Dimension: 1400*900*1600mm (length x width x height) Discharge: the robot unloading II. Description: 1. Adopt PLC...

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Customized Assembly and crimping machine

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I. technical parameters

Efficiency: 1500pcs/H

Power supply: AC220V,50-60HZ

Air Supply: 0.6Mpa

Dimension: 1400*900*1600mm (length x width x height)

Discharge: the robot unloading

II. Description:

1. Adopt PLC control system, ensure that the system is stable and reliable, easy to operate.

2. Cam divider intermittent movement.

3. In addition to spring other parts by vibration bowl of automatic feeding, the spring need to be feed manually.

4. the function of automatic feeding pin, automatic assembly plastic pipe, riveting, automatic unloading.

4. Automatic counting, production settings; using the touch screen, intuitive interface, easy operation.

5. failure to auto stop, alarm and display an error message.