Auto Parts Detecting Machine

Auto parts detecting machine I. technical parameters Efficiency: 1000pcs/H Power supply: AC220V single-phase 50-60HZ Source: 0.6Mpa Machine: 900*700*1700mm (length x width x height) II. Description: 1. adopt PLC control system, ensure that the system is stable and reliable, easy to operate. 2....

Product Details

Auto parts detecting machine 

I. technical parameters

Efficiency: 1000pcs/H

Power supply: AC220V single-phase 50-60HZ

Source: 0.6Mpa

Machine: 900*700*1700mm (length x width x height)

II. Description:

1. adopt PLC control system, ensure that the system is stable and reliable, easy to operate.

2. riveting motor casing and rotor , vertical and horizontal riveting simultaneously.

3. design humane, equipped with safety grating, operation is safe and reliable.

4. automatic counting, production settings; using touch screen, easy operation, safety.

6. failure auto stop, alarm and display an error message.