Nylon Clamp Assembly Machine

Nylon clamp assembly machine 1, Technical specification: Overall size: 1600 x 1200 x1400mm(Lx W x H) Voltage: single-phase AC220V ± 10% 1.8KW Working pressure :5-8kg / cm2 cycle time of each clamp:3-5 s; Hourly output: 700-1200 pcs. 2, Main functions: 1.This clamp assembly machine is suitable...

Product Details

Nylon clamp assembly machine

1, Technical specification:
Overall size: 1600 x 1200 x1400mm(Lx W x H)
Voltage: single-phase AC220V ± 10% 1.8KW
Working pressure :5-8kg / cm2
cycle time of each clamp:3-5 s;
Hourly output: 700-1200 pcs.


2, Main functions:
1.This clamp assembly machine is suitable for assembly nylon clamp ,plastic clamp
2.Manually send clip, automatic nail feeding, automatic sorting; Automatic spring feeding unit, automaticscrewing and unloading
3. The machine has automatic assembly counting function output reaches the set valueautomatically shut down 
4. Device has material shortage detection function.

5. The machine adopts PLC programming, touch screen control operation


Running Video   https://youtu.be/K3bKKvJBxGM